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  • The Romeo And Juliette Story

    Its the story of two lovers that wed in secret. They were nobles from two different worlds. Their love naturally sparked a war. Its said that the war ended when the two lovers in clear defiance of their families threw themselves into the sea. The …

  • The Story of Atlantis

    Tells the tail of a demon invested island that sunk in the battle to defeat the demons upon it. They say the great heroes defeated the evil. Though evil, heroes and island fell to the great flood that the demons summoned. If you sail far enough into …

  • Towers in the Sea

    If you go far enough into the "Sea" you will come across Great Towers with no entrance. They are shelters and safe havens from the storms use them when you find them. Try to plunder them if you can , though it is said that any who try have been …

  • Deep Sea Station Six

    Rumors of a sinking island that if found lead to the greatest treasurer since the stories of Luthe. They say that if you can find it, you'll be set for life, living like a King in Azure.

  • Wrecked Ship Reef

    The great wrecked ship reef has been turned into a city. It is said that all are welcome as long as they are not law enforcement. This is a place for all people to be free. * It is a mostly avoided area. Ships just seem to run aground in this area, …

  • Luthe

    Rumors of the Sunken city of Luthe and the treaure it can hold havebeen told throughout the West for generations. Many have gone after it few have returned with a small trinket to tell a tale about it.

  • The Black Fleet

    The rumors say that sometimes when the sun sets just before the smiling lady rises you can see the a ship with black sails. It is said that it sails without wind and if your really unlucky you will find yourself close to it with a (insert number here, it …

  • Siakal Swarm

    The small island of Tempest Reef is currently being swarmed by Siakal. The entire island is not reachable because of this. The Island is know for its access to small quantities of Black Jade as well as its black and red coral.

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