Tag: Stories of the South


  • Lone Hero

    Rumors of a dark man rolling into town and vanquishing criminals. In a Wild West style high noon gunfight are circulating across the south. Some rumors say that the man is followed by a fiery red head that always exclaims that she missed him.

  • Earth Dragon Master

    Rumors speak of a master of a non immaculate practioner of the Earth Dragon style can be found in a village along the "road" from Gem to Chirascuro. Though rumors say that this Master can't be found in the season of earth, it is believed that he uses …

  • Uprising in Harborhead

    The uprising caused by one of the Forsaken was stopped in Kirighast through the valiant effort of the Immaculate Order. Praise be to the Dragons and our wonderous Empress who keeps the Anathema at bay. Happened 2 years ago.

  • Treasure city

    Recent sandstorms near the city of Gem have reported seeing the top of what seems to be an old structure of some sort. Though at the moment unable to get to it, the city is hoping that the sandstorm will stop and possible excavation can start at some …

  • Fabled Flowers

    The rebuild small coastal city of Shian Tsang(Fabled Flower) is said to become the newest jewel of Ang-Teng. Rumors from ocean captains however is starting to say that one should stay away from it. The best thing to come out of that place is a missing …

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