Tag: Stories of the East


  • City of the Mad

    There is a city that no one goes to anymore. They don't really come back from the city. You'll know if your near the city because of the deafening silence. Not even the bugs are in the city anymore. They say there is wealth untold in that city... …

  • The six tombs of Nexus

    There are six tombs in Nexus. Non have been entered and all at this point have civilities attached to them The tomb of Candle-Eyed Skulls The tomb of Red-Hot Iron The tomb of Keening Spirits The tomb of Singing Blades The tomb of Ice The tomb of …

  • Lost city of Rathess

    Deep in the south eastern jungles past cannibals and man-eating plants, there is a city. This city is filled with riches. If you can get past the lizards and jungle itself trying to eat you.

  • The Treasure of Rubylak

    There is gossip among the people in Nexus that great treasure can be found in the city of Rubylak. How and when these rumors started is unclear. There are just a great number of people heading towards the city in hopes of becoming rich. The rumors seem …

  • The Spider Tomb

    There are rumors from the Kingdom of Halta that the great Spider Tomb has been opened. The spider beastmen of Halta seem to believe that soon the rule of man will be over. Mercenary Companies have been hired for protection .

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