Rosalind Shubert

The happy member of the 54 water legion


Twin to Rolf Shubert


Rosalind is the heart of the legion. Her cheer and general upbeat manner will always bring a smile to everyone’s faces. She is first to laugh and it is easy to make her laugh.
Like most of the legion her parents died on the front lines and Cylpsis raised her and her brother. She is constantly seen bringing her brother back from a reckless adventure laughing at the things he and supsequently she had to do to get him out of the situation.
Tragedy has not made as much of an impression on the 33 year old twins, though it is not unknown to them. When the two work in tandem or against each other it is almost eerie how they can move without needing to use signals or messengers.

Rosalind Shubert

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