Theodor Kaufman

Aproud member of the 54 water legion


Theodor armor has a long list of The Kaufman name inscribed in it.


Theodor is the defacto second of the legion. It seems he was elevated to this position while Maxamillian was away. He is proud of who he is and constantly pushes himself harder. At 85 years of age most of the legion are surprised he has survived this long and not died of exhaustion. Isaak is patiently teaching him to eventually be the leader constantly telling him that a leader knows when to rest. Theo is always quick to point out that it is after everyone else has and Isaak merely shakes his head. Simply saying “your no Max yet”. To Theodor this means train harder and longer. Needless to say the legion is still waiting for him to fall over dead from exhaustion.

Theodor Kaufman

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