Susanne Bruder

A young artistic member of the 45 water legion


Her three additional favorite are crafts, performance, and presence.


This gentle soul should not be a warrior. That is everyone’s first impression of Susanne. Upon observation, she is diligent and thourgh. For each task that is set before her she gives her full attention. She will give quotes of the 10000 correct actions of an upright soldier to those failing. And though the entire legion shares one copy of the book, she seems to be able to quote perfectly and correctly.
If she had ever been given the choice of being a warrior or some other profession in life she would not have chosen the warrior path. However she exalted. It is the duty of an exalt to see to the needs of her people and that ment being a warrior. She will place duty before her own needs. Including the want to dress in pretty things.
If asked now if she would like to put down her sword, she will say that her duty to her people will end when she is dead.

Susanne Bruder

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