7 flame pieces etched in the Handel is the city of Cylpsis. Though they are made of all magical materials, it seems that on six of them the Oricalcum was raised while the seventh looks like a shifting scenery of cylpsis.
To Sharie: a Sword Wavecleaver laced with moonsilver in a shifting pattern of protection
With magical material bonus Speed 4, Accuracy 3, Damage 5L/2, Defense 5, Rate 3 Tag O

To Jen: a flute of Oricalcum perfect pitch, turns into a singing wreck staff in hopes that it let you sing ultimately useful tube.

To mike a Dragon tear tiara made as a torc cleansing light. So you may be clean wherever you go a spell scroll storm wind rider and cloud trapeze

To Casta a gill cloak and a compass and a mask that will always point to the fastest way to get to Cylpsis

To John Divinty Requisition Badge 2 pt version ( + 7 on prayers to gods or exalted [ or demons ])

To Avalanche thunderbolt shield Oricalcum looks like falling snow before the start of an avalanche perfected boots.


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