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  • On Anathema

    An other exalted other than the dragon blooded are seen as anathema by the rest of creation. Not all of creation believes this, but most of it does. It is ingrained not only by the immaculate faith, but by stories told to children around fires to …

  • The Guild

    The Guild is a large collection of merchants that work together. Their entire goal is profit. The headquarters of the guild is the city of Nexus. It is well know that guild members will help each other, they even have their own language or so the …

  • Scavenger Lord

    A scavenger lord is a treasure hunter. The best of which are sought after. They usually go around finding and raiding tombs and cities of ages long past.

  • The First AGe

    These are things i see when i think first age. feel free to upload your own pics. [[File:582097 | class=media-item-align-none | 1414792184046.jpg]] [[File:582096 | class=media-item-align-none | 00005445.jpg]]

  • Haslanti League

    The Haslanti League is a conglomerate of cities in the North. They are the only people that have flying ships and things with any kind of regularity. So much so that most of its trade is done by air not sea or land. They are protective of this …

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