Tag: Stories of the North


  • The Bull of the North

    Is in a three fronted war with the things of Maramis Fel, the Realm and the Linowen tribes. It would seem that he is holding his own against all three. There has been no true change to this war, though it is rumored that the realm is pulling out.

  • Come to Crystal

    Come to Crystal! Find treasure! Help the Haslanti League reclaim the city. Poster in White Wall If asked people will say one of the airboats dropped the poster off early that year. The League seems to be doing excavation all over the North.

  • Floating Citadel

    Rumors say that if you go North for long enough, you will find entire cities and continents that float in the air. It is said that even the airboats can't seem to fly high enough to make it up there.... That is if you can stand the biter cold.

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